The Best Vegan Chefs Master Classes

Gastronomic & Nutricional


The Vegan Academy offers a broad range of expertise for culinary industry professionals looking to implement an array of plant-based cuisine solutions.

There are specific courses, for those willing to increment their knowledge in the vegan and plant-based cousine. 

The Vegan Academy offers as well, courses and seminars on nutritional values-

Some courses and workshops are offered face-to-face and some are on line courses. 


Chef Vegan Academy


It's located in the beautiful village of Sitges. You can enjoy this fantastic Mediteranean landscape, while attenging the vegan courses, and enjoying the Park del Garraf nature surroundings. 

The most talented and creative Vegan Chefs.


Training programs offered at our Academy by the most talented and creative  Vegan- Plant Based - Raw and Macrobiotic teachers from around the world. 

Montgavina , Sitges 08870 Catalonia- Spain


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